Oh Peas is a hub for good food, joyful conversation, marketing expertise and more – founded by Lori Church, a lifelong marketer and visual communicator cum plant-based culinary artist.

I will challenge your notions about plant-based food, and at the same time, provide recipes and ideas that are so simple, so tasty, so innovative that you cannot help but try them. I will also bring the same purpose and clarity to your business communications.

Let’s play with our food. My goal, as a plant-based nutrition professional, is to encourage creative dialogue and discovery. Oatmeal can be for dinner, and moreso, it is delicious as dinner. It can be dessert and a thickener for soups. Once you get rid of traditional perceptions, a world of plant-based, whole food goodness is waiting to be discovered.

And as an entrepreneur, visual artist, marketer and mentor, I help clients make the most of their business opportunities.