Lifelong Apparel – The Artisan Apron

This is my take on a classic style. No ties or buttons, just pull it over your head and go. It’s a neutral grey, despite what your device or computer might show, and the sassy contrast pieces are a rich, cherry-esque cotton. Both colors will soften with time.

I’ve chosen Russian Linen for its imperfection and ruggedness. It adds character with its unique texture. 

Above shows the mitered corner detail which, if you have a tablecloth, you’ve seen before.

Each Artisan Apron has a colorful peekaboo pocket – like the lining of a nice suit.

Lifelong Apparel aprons are handmade locally, so no two are identical – very similar, yes – identical, no. The sizing is such that it fits most. On each garment there is a contrasting loop from which to hang a hand or dishtowel. This inspiration came from two observances: picking my ‘shoulder towel’ off the floor and using my apron as the towel.

Linen, while a robust natural fibre, softens with each washing creating an archive of the projects, the tasks, and the experiences. I have many other projects on the go and hope to have them in local or semi-local boutiques soon. I am working on an online option for purchasing as well, however, if you can’t wait, don’t hesitate to contact me directly. I also design custom aprons of which I will go into further detail in my next post.

Designing, creating things, has always been a calling for me. I cannot express the inner joy and heady passion I feel when I am designing or cooking or otherwise plotting. Although I so adore the end results, I can attest, the journey truly is the bliss for me, so each piece I create is the culmination of a beautiful and happy adventure.

Next time, I will unveil some other ongoing projects including something I so dig; the repurposing of old textiles/clothing into new and unique items. So save those old curtains for me!

Note: And once again, please note that any and all exclamation points are for the sole purpose of entertaining my dear friend, Kristin Fraser.