Meet my apron.

It didn’t always look this way. I’ve worn it so much that it’s become threadbare and as such, I’ve begun to patch it with various textile scraps. This linen apron has been my constant companion for several years, with daily wear in the kitchen, on my travels, at the family farm and in the garden. I love my now old, ratty apron and I loved it when it was crisp and new too. I appreciate its patina (aka stains) and I’ll keep adding patches over the holes as long as it allows.

I have very good reason for expressing my fondness for my apron. It keeps me tidy and clean and I stay organized with its oversized pockets that often hold my cell phone, fresh carrots/onions/beets from the garden or a screwdriver. It’s my signal to the day that I am ready to do something fun and creative, and often delicious and it helps me do so with more ease. Plus I need nothing more than a T-shirt and yoga pants to wear underneath if I so choose. Such comfort!

Many have asked about my apron… and over the past year and a half, I’ve been stewing and brewing over making these aprons. With thanks to my sister and her clever at home sewing setup, this past autumn, my first apron took shape using an old bed sheet to test out the pattern. Since that time, I’ve stolen her serger and have invested in my own topnotch sewing machine and other tools of the trade and set up a small but very workable studio. And I am loving designing again. Life? Here’s your new lease!

After many refinements, swear words, head scratching, and quite frankly, having to learn to sew again, I have finalized the flagship apron design I envisioned for my new company. I hope you will stay tuned as I prepare my next blog (along with photos and details) on the Artisan Apron by the Lifelong Apparel Company.


Disclaimer: Please note that any and all exclamation points are for the sole purpose of entertaining my dear friend Kristin Fraser.