Guacamole Makes Me Oh So Happy

There is something about the creamy butteriness of guacamole that really feels decadent. I use it all the time, on just about everything.

David and I like to make Mexican food together. David creates his Cutting Board Guacamole and dices up the fresh salsa while I typically prepare the remaining items such as the beans, rice and tomato base and the lime / toasted cumin seed slaw. Although not required, I upped the ante this time by making a chipotle mayo using my Killer Miso Tahini Mayo as the base (recipe to come), and a Cashew Crema made with cashew cream, lime, lime zest and sea salt. Delivering these sauces from a squeeze bottle really helped make the dish look inviting.

This meal looks like so much more work than it was. It helps having pre-cooked base ingredients in the freezer such as the beans and brown rice and a bag of slaw mix in the fridge. The versatile Cashew Cream and the Tahini Mayo were base items that were pre-made as well. The salsa needs mostly tomato, onion, cumin and fresh lime juice but benefits from other veggies you might have on hand. I especially like cucumber in mine. We spent about 20 to 25 minutes prepping, cooking and plating. Then we hoovered it up in no time at all.

Eating plant-based is extremely freeing, satisfying and rewarding. And don’t forget the guacamole. It’s not just for Mexican dishes, it’s a topping for salads, a creamy side with steamed or roasted vegetables, on potatoes or rice, as an easy dip and it is so good on sandwiches and veggies burgers.

David’s Cutting Board Guacamole
2 medium avocados, ripe / soft
1 garlic minced, or 1 tablespoon minced shallot
1/2 tsp ground cumin (optional)
juice of one lime (or to taste)
sea salt to taste

On a good-sized cutting board, mash avocados with a fork. Add remaining ingredients and continue to mash until desired consistency – from creamy smooth to a more rustic chunky style – it’s your choice. Serve immediately.