Deb’s Reset

Deb’s 3-day Reset

I arrived at Deb’s place on a Friday around dinner time. I brought a few groceries so we could cook together while discussing the types / flavours of food she prefers and what she hoped to gain from the 3-day Reset. We sometimes say we want to lose weight when really we want to gain mobility, freedom, ease, etc.

Her home, set in a lovely and quiet subdivision of Colwood, BC, is just blocks from the ocean. The first thing I noticed was the overwhelming vibe – welcoming and comfortable. The second thing I noticed was that Deb has a thing for Santa. Big time! There are Santas everywhere. (Good thing it’s Christmas.)

Up to this point, I had only known Deb socially. She’s easily brought to laughter, has experienced personal loss and has a somewhat stressful and interesting career. These three days gave us a chance to bond. Her husband died suddenly about seven years ago. She also lost a dear sister in between then and now. She and her husband were just heading into their retirement years, the time you just let go and have fun. She said the best thing about their relationship was how much laughter they shared. (Interestingly, I too know something about humorous Irish men.) The life she and he had lived and planned; suddenly and devastatingly, ended. Where do you begin – again.

When you’ve experienced life-altering loss, you not only have your own journey through grief, your children go through the painful process of re-emerging from the deepest sadness. Parents often set aside their own care and immerse themselves in the well-being of their children, sometimes trying to make up for the missing parent / grandparent. One’s health is the first indicator of the crack in this unsustainable veneer. If you don’t put your own oxygen mask on first, you cannot help those around you. Over the past few years, Deb began to have health issues. She has rheumatoid arthritis and it’s now painful enough that it has forced her to give up one of her passions: paddling, both outrigger and dragon boat.

At the end of our first entire day of planning, cooking and shopping together, I witnessed a gentle softening in Deb’s face – the sharp edges of stress had mellowed. This is what self-nourishment can do. We talked, laughed, cried, cooked, drank beautiful local wine and ate oh so well. We cheered at the success of our recipes as we savoured every delicious bit. It was joyful.

So, aside from the sisterhood and food that we shared, did Deb receive any other benefits? Deb texted with an update yesterday. The number of exclamation points alone was a good indicator as to how she was feeling. I almost cried. She has lost eight pounds in ten days. How does that feel? To be blunt, I’d say that it feels fucking fantastic.

Ponder the significance of this; in ten days her clothes went from too tight to having some breathing room. In ten days, she not only stopped the steady progression of weight gain and pain on a highly restrictive / unsatisfying diet, to shedding weight and pills while eating lots and lots of good food, during the most hectic season of the year.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a similar situation (loss / depression / general or specific health issues / weight gain) and needs a reset, I’m here to help. The Oh Peas 3-day Reset includes general cooking instruction / guidance for plant-based success, grocery shopping tips, flavour-building techniques, recipes, and a kitchen reset to bring ease to your food preparation.

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