3day Reset

3day Reset for Ease, Clarity & Agility

For some time now, I have been envisioning a three-day, plant-based retreat / program. Why three days?

Because anyone who has eaten my food for three consecutive days notices three significant benefits (aside from the heaps of good food they get to consume).

After the third day, here is what one will notice:

1. Ease: A feeling of lightness / comfort – aches and pains subside.

2. Clarity: Brain fog starts to clear. Thoughts and the ability to focus sharpen – this is even more striking for anyone who has been through an emotional trauma such as loss.

3. Agility: You will be physically lighter – simply put, you lose weight and you will  have more energy. And this may sound odd right now, but you will begin to ‘feel’ your body again.

Why reset? Reset is a good word because plant-based fuel will reset the body – it creates an environment in which the body remembers how it is supposed to feel. At its most simplified: your digestive system is no longer in stress mode, therefore it increases micro- and macro-nutrient uptake and in turn, increases energy availablility

Resetting is especially powerful for those who are suffering from illness. Not only can plant-based nutrition halt heart and many other diseases, it can reverse them. Plus, it has the most extensive and unbiased body of nutritional studies* to support it.

I am eager to get this program off the ground. My first official tester is at the ready and I am so excited for her (and me!). We will have our first test drive done in a few weeks and I cannot wait to report back.

*Check out The T. Colin Campbell Centre for Nutrition Studies (nutritionstudies.org) to get the entire scoop on the decades of scientific studies.