Trees, meet forest.

Good marketing focuses on the customer, with a consistent and dedicated act of communication. I’m continually fascinated with the myriad of businesses that I’ve worked with over the years; from small dog-walking service providers to international law firms. I love/crave learning about business. My clients teach me as much as I teach them.

In working with so many varied businesses, the single-most important tool that we have employed for our clients’ benefit is perspective. By providing an unobstructed marketing snapshot, coupled with years of branding and positioning experience, we have been able to design distinct, long lasting and innovative marketing communication strategies with our clients.

Much like ourselves, our businesses need attention, nourishment and positive energy. I clear away the clutter of the non-essentials that detract from your business, bring purpose and forward momentum to your day to day, and help owners discover clarity for the future.

And sometimes I bring delicious plant-based snacks.

If you’d like to discuss anything about your business, please contact me.