Talk or walk?

I am most passionate about sharing my passion. Whether it is firing up an owner during a brainstorming/discovery session or testing recipes in my kitchen. I equally love seeing my clients and taste testers light up.

Lunch + learn: Want to talk turkey about plants with your group? I’ll bring some tasty treats and we can have a candid and enlightening discussion about the deliciousness of eating well. Want to have a motivational session with a small group? I can facilitate.

One-on-one: I can do in-home, in-store demos and/or discussion groups. This is not limited to just food, but life and love as well. They are all intertwined.

Fire up your business: Over the years I’ve assessed hundreds of small businesses. If you’d like a mini consultation, I’m in, for free. Try me out – one hour, on the phone or in person. See if you don’t come away with some renewed excitement and ideas for growing or shifting your business. From there, you can decide what and where you’d like to see your business grow.

Custom opportunities: There’s a reason for our creativity and that is to keep making new things. If you have an idea for an opportunity, contact me. Together we can design a program that fits your purpose.

Retreats: Retreats are excellent for clearing minds, setting intentions and re-energizing. I am happy to contribute or create.

Oh Peas is based in Calgary, often in Victoria and is very happy to travel.